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          Ayudhya gold leaf has its origin from a small business in Saphan Lek area. Ayothaya was a name of our father’s store. He settled his location in Thailand as the 1st generation of our family. Originally, our father started his occupation by traditional purchasing of any used things. He carried two baskets to exchange the things among home. Then he entranced gold business by purchasing for gold, gold scrap, silver, precious metals, including gold leaf scrap for re-melting and extracting to be pure for reuse. After that, he collected gold foil (raw materials of gold leaf) for selling to gold leaf maker. He was well-known in old generation of gold leaf community. We followed our father to several gold leaf makers’ houses since we were young and became popular as our father.

          Ayudhya was named to the store by our father referring to Ayudhya Province. Since he had joined casting ceremony of gold received from Luang Phor To in Phanan Choeng Temple. He offered to Luang Phor To in Phanan Choeng Temple that if he worked with honesty and not take the gold of temple out, then he would be blessed to run the business with glory. After returning from the ceremony, he could start the business according to his intention. So he named the store as Ayudhya. Consequentially, he started purchasing gold from various sources to supply for monk supply stores until being well-known. We went together with our father for selling from our ages of 12 years to 17 years until he was dead. Nevertheless, we have continued the business. Although, there were some troubles in uncontrolled quality and shortage of gold leaf supplied from sources. As a result, we constructed and have operated gold leaf manufacturing plant officially which was registered under the name of Sri Ayudhya Sunkkhaphand Co.,Ltd. and changed to be Ayothaya gold leaf Ordinary Partnership at present.
Types of gold
          Gold leaf is made from gold with high purity. In the past, there was no variety of gold as in the present but only 99.5% pure gold leaf which is called “Gim Sua”. According to the higher price of gold during the past 30 – 40 years, then gold standard in Thailand has been improved. Generally, there are 3 types of gold bar as follows;

1 .  99.9% pure gold bar is the gold extracted by machine. It is not suitable for gold leaf production because its color will be yellow white and pale. So it is not popular in the market.

1 . ทองคำแท่งที่มีความบริสุทธิ์ 99.99 %

2. ทองคำแท่งที่มีความบริสุทธิ์ 96.50 % 2.  96.50% pure gold bar is now a standard of gold bar in Thailand. The color of beaten gold is bright yellow and very gross because of 3.5% silver composition. It is most popular because of its beautiful and easy to come by.

3. Gim Sua gold is traditional gold which will be out of date and disappeared because of human development and evolution. Gim Sua gold’s production is very difficult, the process requires chemicals such as acid to extract pure gold.
The extracted gold is like sand with golden brown color with high purify of around 99.5-99.7 %. “Gim Sua” is Chinese word which “Gim” means “gold” and “Sua” means “sand”. When cast extracted Gim Sua, which is like sand, then it will be a gold bar. This type of gold is rarely found because of some poison in extraction process then cause a worker sick. Moreover, the extraction process requires long time by manual because unable to produce by machine and release pollution to water and air. In addition, its price is higher than 96.5% pure gold bar around 800 Baht per 15.2 gram. However, the gold leaf made from Gim Sua is colorful with gross yellow red color in traditional style, called light-yellow color gold. At present, it is rarely found and seems to loss from the market soon. 3. ทองกิมซัว
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